Our Story


Nani Pani was created in 2017 by Laura Pham Lewis + Eva Zasloff, best friends who met as freshman roommates at Barnard College. 


The concept of Nani Pani was born during an adventure in Rajasthan, India when we studied the centuries-old Indian handicraft of wood block printing. From the carving of the blocks, the natural alchemy of dyes, the family communities of artisans, and the amazing history of this art-- what an incredible process.  Block printing, like many other indigenous and labor-intensive art forms, struggles to remain sustainable. The appeal of collaborating with skilled artisans to help preserve the art of hand block printing while creating something beautiful was the beginning of what is now Nani Pani. With inspiration from our favorite vintage pieces, we design collections that we love and that support artisans, their community, and this ancient craft.

The name Nani Pani (pronounced NAH-nee PAH-nee) comes from a nickname that we made up for each other during our travels through India! It means “grandma water” in Hindi. 

Since the beginning of our friendship, we have been creating art, working on projects, singing along to our ukulele, endlessly laughing, and traveling the world. All of these qualities— joy, adventure, art + friendship— come together in our shared vision of Nani Pani. We hope you love it as much as we do. 

 xx  Laura + Eva